Thursday, October 11, 2012

Superior Spider-Man

This is not my Spider-Man! Seriously Marvel, stop with the gimmicks! Word is, this isn't even going to be Peter Parker!

Undo Brand New Day, hire a good writer and write some good stories! Not that I hate Dan Slott, but he pails in comparison to JMS's run on Amazing.

I'll still be reading this, and hopefully it's a interesting but short lived change.

USA Today got a nice exclusive first look at the new Superior Spider-Man book. Amazing Spider-Man Vol 3 #1 won’t happen instead he’ll get a new adjective.
Highlights of the interview include:
*Writer Dan Slott comparing himself to Spider-Man’s God.
*The blue on Spider-Man’s suit will be replaced with black.
*He will have an odd talon on his big toe and hands?
*Changes to belt and gloves
*Spidey wont’ be so friendly
*New Sinister Six with a new member. Doc Ock getting replaced?
*Different eye pieces in the mask.

*Editor Axel Alonso compares Slott’s usual writing to Fan fiction. However is excited for the new direction.

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