Monday, February 25, 2013

The New Amazing Spider-Man!

Marc Webb just tweeted a link to this reveal of the new costume for The Amazing Spider-Man 2!

What can I say? WOW!

While I ended up loving the Amazing Spider-Man movie, I always felt the costume was appalling. Yellow eyes, weird non webbing shaped webbing (especially on the face), dirty rubber look and leg stripes!

While we can't see if all these issues have been addressed, we can see that everything that has been changed is a MASSIVE improvement.

I would go as far as to say from this image alone it looks to be the best Spidey costume on fil yet!

Here is a simply breakdown : )

The eyes are superb. Very close to the modern comic book and most importantly WHITE! I liked the shape of the eyes in ASM more than the original movies sharp triangular shape. But the yellow killed them. The new ones are very cool looking.

The webbing actually looks like webbing now! Wraps around the face instead of the head. The red section looks to go down his arm in the correct manner instead of the wispy thin line version of ASM.

Spider on his chest looks cool and closer to the comic.

Most faithful costume so far for sure. Depending on what is going on that we can't see. If I had any complaints it would be that the red is a little on the purple side. But that would be silly nit picking. It's as close to perfect as I dared imagine so far.

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