Tuesday, June 11, 2013

E3 Day Zero Cliff Notes - Sony

After Microsoft's impressive and much needed follow up to the Xbox One reveal it was Sony's turn to bring it, and bring it they did. They did not quite have the same level of quality in the exclusives department. But with the extra horsepower the system has, I can't help but feel PS4 will be the best place for almost all 3rd party games. And they had a couple of other BIG reveals to outshine Microsoft.

PS3 / Vita

Like Microsoft, Sony were eager to begin boasting about their continued support for existing platforms. However unlike Microsoft they had serious AAA looking titles coming soon. With the PS3 having The Last of Us about to be released and the very impressive looking Beyond Two Souls showing an all new stunning trailer, it really felt like there was more life in the old girl yet.

They also showed some impressive titles coming to Vita, including the new Walking Dead game (and the original too), and again repeated the fact that all PS4 games will be playable on the Vita via remote play. A good start.


Then the big guns came out, first they showed us the look of the hardware. At first glance I thought it was as ugly as the Xbox One. But upon seeing a few angles it is actually quite sexy. It's like a monolithic wedge. Much better than the behemoth Foreman Grill that the original PS3 was. But ultimately, who cares what the plastic box the hardware is in looks like?

Again all are presumed system exclusive unless stated.

The Order 1886

Unfortunately no gameplay on this one, just a teaser. Can't recall if it was in engine either. Looked cool though, a steam punk horrer game set in London. Look forward to seeing more.

Killzone: Shadow Fall

They showed us this at the first reveal but we got a new sexy trailer here. Looks awesome for a launch title.

Drive Club

Don;t care about these kind of car games. But it looked very pretty and they announced there will be a free version for PS+ members! Very cool!

Infamous: Second Son

Never played or really cared about the first two games. But this one looks very cool, especially the characters and story. Hope they do something cool with this whole "troubled teen dealing with having super powers" thing.


Short trailer. Impressive particle effects but does not look like a game I would care about. Except maybe playing it with my kids.

Dark Sorcerer (Tech Demo)

A sneak peak of a tech demo created by the people behind Heavy Rain. The full version will be 15 minutes. Designed to show off the PS4's technical prowess. And show it off it does! Could not find any good quality clips on YouTube though. The stream was better. I guess wait for the full 15 minute demo to watch this.

EDIT: Full video is now out -


Cool looking isometric hand drawn dungeon crawler. From the creators of Bastion. Nothing next gen but very pretty.

Indie Games

Looks like Sony's approach of allowing indie devs to self publish is paying off (as apposed to MS forcing them to use a publisher). Lots of cool indie games on show. 

Final Fantasy XV (Xbox One/PS4)

Apparently this used to be called Final Fantasy Versus XIII, now it's the slightly less confusing FF 15. Looks nice, still couldn't care less.

Kingdom Hearts 3 (Xbox One/PS4)

Don't care about these games. Didn't even look very good.

Assassins Creed IV (Xbox One/PS4)

Looked very cool but I have lost interest in this yearly franchise.

Watchdogs (360/PS3/Xbox One/PS4)

Now this game looks fantastic. Open world stealth hacking game. Incredible that they are able to scale this down for current gen!

Here is the next gen gameplay trailer from yesterday -

But I also strongly recommend the trailer released yesterday too -

2K Games (All systems)

There will be sports games too, and some of them not from EA!

Elder Scrolls Online (Xbox One/PS4)

Looks cool but I remain skeptical of how the combat will work. I am eager to give it a shot though. The PS4 will have exclusive access to the Beta, so I guess this is where I'll be trying it.

Mad Max

Really? I game based on Mad Max? OK. Just a teaser, showed nothing.


And then this was the point that Sony won E3. No question, the audience response was clear. This is what
the consumer wants. Everything works the same as PS3 -

  • No online requirements.
  • No restrictions on selling games.
  • No restrictions on trading/loaning.
  • No restrictions on renting.


Then the bad news dropped. PS+ will be required for online gaming. The free ride is over. Although PS+ is so awesome I have no idea why anyone would not already have it.

PS+ members will continue to get at least one free game a month for PS4. With Drive Club being the first and many Indie games lined up after that.

Destiny (Xbox One/PS4)

From the creators of Halo, an online multi-player shooter. Looked in-freaking-credible! Less Planetside 2 and more an MMO Borderlands. Beautiful art design and excellent looking loot based co-op gameplay. Never cared for Halo but this looked like a game I am going to care a lot about. You HAVE to see this!

Trailer -

Gameplay demo -

Cloud Gaming

They then briefly discussed their plans to bring a whole library of PS2/PS3 games to PS4, Vita and other devices in 2014 through their cloud gaming services. More details to come (I'm excited!).


And then as if the no DRM announcement had not already cemented Sony's victory they dropped the price and then dropped the mic! 

$400, Boom we're out!

Final Thoughts

As I said at the start, I think that Microsoft has the better system exclusives. But with the PS4's edge in the graphical department giving it a theoretical lead on cross platform games, the lack of big brother DRM and the significantly lower price point. Sony walked away the winner at this E3.

Personally I do not think there has ever been a better time to be a gamer. The competition between these two companies continues to enrich the gaming experience for all of us. I can not wait to get my hands on both systems and happily grabbed a pre-order for each as soon as they became available.

Roll on holiday 2013! It's going to be next gen heaven!

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